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July 5, 2006

Common sense immigration

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The pundits are out to distract us again. Yes, the war is way overbudget; yes, the rich are getting more tax cuts as the debt balloons out of pay-this-generation proportions; yes, the schools are still pretty poor; yes, the government is pretty clearly listening in on phone calls and e-mail without warrants; and yes, the NSA is kidnapping citizens and exporting them for torture without trial. But that’s OK, because The Protectors of Big Government are here to save you from flag burning (not that anyone does that any more), gay marriages (not that they’re legal in most states), and illegal immigrants.

The solutions to illegal immigration seem pretty simple. Take the money and energy that went into to Communist witch-hunting for all those decades since World War II – the insane fervor for eliminating an unpopular form of government which led us to train, arm, and fund Osama Bin Laden – and put it into making Mexico free and economically viable, so that Mexicans, at least, will not need to escape to the US. (You’ll notice nobody really worries about the influx of illegal Canadians.) Put people who hire illegal aliens into jail unless there are clear extenuating circumstances. Put up the cheapest possible fence with warning devices so that the border patrol will know where to go. Pay the border patrolmen more so they’re less corruptible. Put the FBI onto the scent of the human-smuggling industry.

Why is it that the methods used to fight illegal alcohol and tobacco, prostitution, and organized crime are seen as unfit for illegal immigration?

Why is it that it’s horrible for a Mexican to try to sneak to America to earn a living, but somehow perfectly fine for landscapers to make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year exploiting these same Mexicans?

Let’s face it, there’s a double standard here. The people running this country loathe the minimum wage because it’s government interference with business. (Government interference with humans is perfectly fine to them; in fact, the more the better. They reserve the right to dictate our religion, to listen to our conversations, and to open our mail, and to put us in jail without trial; but they hate anyone telling BUSINESS what to do.) If you have a never-ending supply of illegals, the minimum wage falls – and unions fail, too.

If they cared about illegal immigration, they could slow it to a trickle. Don’t be fooled by the talking points. Congress and the White House are trying another side-show to distract us from their wastrel ways and their erosion of the Bill of Rights. Take the opportunity to write to your Congressman right now and tell that civil servant exactly what you think of their shameful shams.


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