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June 29, 2006

Who represents the conservatives?

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There was once a time when conservatives were represented by, well, conservatives.

That day has long gone. It is the era of the chickenhawk.

No longer do we have real conservatives acting as official spokesmen for the conservative movement; now we have people who, were they Democrats, would be called hippies and traitors.

First, we have the war profiteers like G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney, stealing millions now and no doubt getting hundreds of millions when they graduate from the White House.

Then we have the peacetime profiteers like Tom DeLay and all those others who use their positions in Congress and the Senate to reap millions off clearly illegal deals. No wonder they refuse to use their powers to investigate George W. Bush’s multiple felonies; they themselves are terribly vulnerable to blackmail and extortion.

Then we have the lazy drug addict who used to abuse welfare, Rush Limbaugh, the man who won’t appear unless he can choose his audience and his interviewees. Coming back from the Dominican Republic, he got hung up in customs with an illicit bottle of Viagra. This is from the man who sobbed about his addiction to prescription drugs fairly recently, and who admitted to being so lazy that friends had to do his shopping for him as he sat around the house on welfare. You know, the welfare he so eagerly wants to take away from people who have real disabilities. Like those people who are nearly killed in industrial accidents because OSHA isn’t allowed to make surprise inspections and often isn’t allowed to levy fines.

Then there’s Anne Coulter, a vile woman who makes up most of what she writes, making her the female literary version of Bill O’Reilly. And all the rest of the Fox News gang, which rather than thinking for themselves, as conservatives – people who espouse the idea that the individual is greater than the whole, that government is not fit to rule over people, that each individual has the responsibility and the right to express only their own opinion and not be “politically correct” – rather than thinking for themselves as conservatives, simply parrot a set of Party talking points.

Does anyone find it at all ironic that the “individual is greater than the state” conservatives of the Republican Party and Right Wing movements nearly always end up parroting the same lines and voting exactly the same way on each law that comes over their desk? That they who publicly espouse the idea of personal responsibility and rule of law have been guilty of the most heinous ethics violations since the Gilded Age, and have dragged their feet and refused to subpoena, much less prosecute most of the wrongdoers?

We need real conservatives to speak up now. Not crazies, not conspiracy theorists, not illogical meandering twits who use long words to cover up their own complete lack of rationality (you know who I mean!), and certainly not mail-order-PhDs (or diploma-mill PhDs for that matter) who wouldn’t know proper research if it slapped them in the face, but actual died-in-the-wool balanced-budget small-government individual-rights-and-responsibilities conservatives.

Where are you? and why do so many people think the various chickenhawks, liars, hypocrites, thieves, corporate apologists, mindless party-liners, and NSA abusers are conservatives?


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