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June 23, 2006

Yet more cash goes flowing down the drain

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It seems that the current administration thinks nothing of our tax dollars; rather than tax-and-spend Democrats, we have borrow-and-spend Republicans. Before you think about which is worse, consider the plight of people who have an outstanding credit card balance of over $26,000. Oops! You didn’t know it, but YOU have an outstanding balance of $26,000. You personally. That’s your share of the national debt – the last time I looked. It’s probably higher now.

Why are we spending so much money? Well, there IS a war on, but unlike the last three wars, it’s a war where profiteering is absolutely encouraged. The Senate has formally abdicated its responsibility to keep things clean, auditors are by no means allowed to examine all the no-bid contracts, and the bottom-feeders are stealing enough taxpayer wealth to buy entire countries.

Then there are the knee-jerk projects. Consider, for example, our ground-based interceptor system. Nice on paper, with about 35 interceptors already paid for, these devices have never, ever passed an intercept test – and these are tightly scripted tests where no countermeasures are used. Do we really think an enemy would send over a single missile, after first telling us it was coming and what trajectory it would follow, without a single decoy? This is a project costing tens of millions of dollars. Senator Carl Levin has put forward an amendment to the defense appropriations bill that would kill this absurd project, but it’s unlikely to get passed, and even if it does, that’s just a drop in the bucket. Iraq is sucking up hundreds of billions of dollars with no accountability. It’s not an opinion; look at the deliberations of Congress and you’ll find all the proof you need, right in front of you. Government agencies and former generals have protested their inability to stop rampant corruption, getting far less press – even after six generals resigned solely to be able to speak out, giving up their careers and positions – than the smallest Lewinski revelation.

Back to missile defense. Under Bush, who decries tuition assitance, Sesame Street, and other programs generally supported by the public as wastes of taxpayer money that we can ill afford (federal funding for Sesame Street and all other children’s programming will be eliminated after two years, despite the savings to society in well-educated kids and consequent crime reduction), missile defense has received $7-10 billion per year with the 2007 budget allocation standing at $10 billion. These systems have never come near operational status, though it was promised that by 2004 a basic system would be in place. Again, these are systems that consistently fail even carefully designed, controlled tests and would certainly be useless in an actual emergency.

I know Democrats have been known for wasting money; I know they’ve supported all sorts of boondoggles. I don’t like Democrats any more than the next guy. On the other hand, our only chance to stop this kind of incredible waste is to send a clear message to the Republicans, and the only way to do that is for Republicans to vote for Democrats or independent candidates. Give them four more years, and the leadership of the Republican Party – a leadership devoid of conservatives, patriots, and war heros, but replete with criminals, broken-family creators, adulterers, and chickenhawks – will have succeeded in putting their own voting machines in place in so many parts of the country that nobody will be able to vote them out. Don’t believe me? Read this book (Black box voting) and you will. It’s all documented; the facts are out there; you just have to open your eyes and see it.

I might be conservative, but I’m not blind, and I won’t follow people because they SAY they are patriotic, have family values, and are conservative. I see them saying this as they cut services for veterans, call real veterans and war heros traitors, cheat on and divorce their wives, have kids that won’t talk to them, and run up massive debts while eliminating any protection of citizens from an oversized government. Those people aren’t conservatives; they’re criminals, and the REAL conservative Republicans need to make sure they disappear, no matter how much they talk about the other side, how much they lie, and how glib their talking points are.


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